Children sessions | Family sessions

Yay! Children’s sessions can be so much fun, however here are some things you should know!

You should and probably are excited about your session! However, your kiddos might not be on board. Please don’t put too much pressure on them! We want them to be happy at the session, not too stressed out. This way we get the best results. I often find that telling them throughout the week about the importance or excitement about this session might put undo pressure on them, and can often lead to being camera shy.

Typically it works best to allow me the needed space to get the kiddos to smile! I have done thousands of session with kids and can usually always get the shots needed without much additional help.


Newborn Sessions


I need only one parent with me in the room at all times. This person will be my spotter in the case that we work with props that need a second pair of hands.

I do ask that for these sessions we keep the amount of people in the studio or your home to a minimum. For allergenic reasons, I ask that we don’t bring pets in the studio. For travel sessions, while I do include pets in the family portion, I ask that you keep family pets in another room so that they aren’t curious about what we’re doing with the newborn!

For all travel sessions, please make sure to keep your home calm and quiet! Tv’s or radios should be turn off. The heat should be turned up to keep the newborn warm and sleepy.