Baby Photography

Chicago Baby photographer

Welcome! I am a Chicago baby photographer, capturing the heartwarming moments of little ones. I also photograph toddlers, siblings, and kiddos throughout the greater Chicago area.

I provide both studio based, outdoor, or on-location baby photography.

Timing your baby photos

Our baby photos take place after the first two weeks of a newborn's life, typically starting at the 3 month milestone. 

If newborn photos aren't an option, but you would still like to photograph your baby, starting at 3 months would be a perfect beginning to documenting your little one's life!

Scheduling with your Chicago Baby Photographer

Depending on the age of your little one, I may suggest that we meet indoors at my studio in Oak Park, or if your baby is 6 months or older, and the weather is nice, the best locations to photograph are always outdoors!

The best times are...

Morning times! Baby photography is scheduled during daylight hours on either weekdays or weekends. We suggest for kiddos under the age of 5 to meet in the mornings, an hour or more before or after any meals or nap. This can greatly reduce the chance for meltdowns. Ask your photographer if you can arrive early if your child needs some time to warm up to our spaces or associates.

Baby photography is

knowing the special tricks for capturing the perfect smiles! It's knowing how to overcome any little obstacle that comes up during your session. We are skilled at seeing when a happy moment is about to happen, and capturing it in that split second!

Seasons & locations

Summer is hot, but...

With this heat will be the most lush and green scenes during the year. 

Trees are also in full bloom, the grass has reached its full height, and many of the summer golden hours are among the best in the country.

Spring & Fall are full of surprises

Rain is temperamental and chasing the good weather will be high on our priority for your photography session. 

Spring will result in some amazing blooms, from the wildflowers and fruit trees. 

Fall will take you for a spin with weather changing 30-40 degrees within days, and overcast to cloudless in hours. The rich colorful foliage will provide a dazzling look that is so iconic for the midwest.

Winter is harsh...

Our winters in Chicago are harsh and confusing! We may see a tropical warm day in december and a massive snowfall the next day. 

Because of how diverse Chicago winters can be, my sessions will at this point take place at either an indoor conservatory, or one of our studios. 
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