A Healthy Practice

Part of being a newborn photographer includes best practices for the health of not just big and little clients, but also your photographer. In every season this practice is prioritized, whether we're fighting the transmission of common colds, flues, or new viruses being discovered.

Many of the things already in place since the start of Abigail Joyce Photography, and which are even more important during times of contagious transmissions, include deep sanitation of fabrics, props, and the studio space. Along with this, I monitor my health, my exposure to any possible sicknesses, and will immediately offer to reschedule if I sense that my health has been compromised in any way.
Since the health track record with Abigail Joyce Photography has been spotless for several years, we want to keep it this way!
If you feel uncomfortable with meeting or feel that your health may be compromised in any way, I would encourage you to reschedule.

If you feel comfortable with meeting and can practice the same important steps in keeping germs, bugs, and viruses at bay, then we'll continue as planned.

Our Extra Steps:

• Social distancing, with the exception of meeting with a limited amount of healthy clients

• Practicing self-quarantine methods during off-hours 

• Maintaining higher personal and professional sanitation routines

• More frequent use of hand sanitizer between handling equipment

• Deep Sanitization of equipment between each session

• Additional sanitation for hands and surfaces for both sessions as well as off-hours

• Stricter rescheduling policies for anyone that has signs of being sick or come in contact with someone who has been sick.

• Avoiding poses, positions, props, or groupings that may have higher transmission potential
I'm fully committed to best practices and sensitive to regulations that may be put in place. If required, we'll postpone sessions until any restrictions are lifted. Until then I will continue to meet on a client-by-client basis following the suggestions of our medical practitioners and doctors.