Meet the Team


Owner | Team Photographer
Abigail started Abigail Joyce Photography in 2012 and continues to remain the principle photographer and director of aesthetics. Abigail brings a superior level of knowledge, experience, and technique to her clients. She has developed the unique mission and vision for the Studio, centered around the celebration of family, newness in birth, and the gift of hospitality to her clients.


Chief image editor | Team Photographer
Rachel joined the Studio in early 2021 as the full-time image editor. With a background in photography, Rachel also provides associate portrait work for client's in our Chicagoland area. As an integral part of the team, Rachel is instrumental to the final galleries and memories that our clients experience.


Team Photographer
Developing her craft since 2008, Esther brings her experience in portrait, wedding, and event photography to the Studio. As a mom of 3 herself, Esther brings a knowledge in working with children and capturing family portrait work where children are included. Esther is expanding on the Studio's vision to provide a world class experience and memories to the amazing families in Chicago and surrounding areas.


Chief Strategy Officer
Ben captured and expanded the vision that Abbey started in 2012. His role in the Studio continues to be one of vision, execution, and sustainability. He actively develops the internal systems, equipement, and roles that progress and grow the company's vision.