Newish Ideas from a Baby Photographer

Boy Does this baby photographer have some new ideas!

Okay okay, I'll calm down;) Babies are born all year round so it keeps me busy. And I love it. Obviously. The newborns keep coming into my studio, which allows me to try out all sorts of amazing new things! Life as a baby photographer couldn't be better.

New Backdrops for Newborns!

Okay, maybe there is a little news...Not really news worthy though. I am starting plans to build a new backdrop for the studio. My husband and I have talked about creating a second backdrop that's made of white planks. It's important for me to have a variety of looks, but not too diverse.

Backdrops are constantly changing but my newborn style is the same.

I want people to see my work and know it was from me. So I don't want a bunch of different backdrops, but I do want a couple of different looks for the studio. So we are hoping to buy older planks to paint white. So excited about it! We just need to find a lumber yard to buy old barn wood from and then paint it. And that's it!

The other thing I want to start working on, is another package available for clients to purchase for newborn sessions. I love the idea of B&W pictures. I will start a full portfolio on newborn photos before I add this to the list of packages. Very excited about this as well.

Neutral Newborn Poses Anybody?

One more thing thats on the back burner to all of above... I want to start two more different packages...One that's a more natural posed newborn session, where I lay the newborn down on a neutral blanket and then I let the newborns almost pose themselves in their cute little natural ways. And the other is a travel session, where I do more of a lifestyle newborn scene with the newborn in their own PJs or onesie...and photograph them in their nursery. I love both of these looks and I want to start incorporating them into my sessions.

I have a lot to think about.

Check out this delicious newborn session with a really warm look! I can't wait to share the white backdrop photos soon;) If this session get's you excited, check out another amazing newborn session by a baby photographer, yours truly! Or contact me today about your session!

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