Dazzling Fall Family Session at Lincoln Park Zoo

This amazing fall family session made my day!

I had to stop and just take a second look at this delicious fall family session. Their outfits, the colors, the location...it all just worked so well.

Sometimes we just need to take a minute and look at our life again.. I hope these photos captured this time of their lives. Plus they can enjoy these photos for years to come. Also, the way his parents are loving on him, or even just the way his parents used to dress him up :)

Because that's what I did when I would look back at my family photos my parents took of me growing up. And that's why I decided to become a family photographer.

Picking locations for fall family photos

Typically I book sessions without needed to secure the location. This is especially true for fall because of the quickly changing colors! I'll usually go scouting, or make sure of the best location before I finalize my locations, so that we end up with great scenic locations with the best colors.

It would be kinda hard to actually tell people way ahead of time that are booking months in advance, where they are meeting only to have to change it on them as we get closer because the colors weren't good. Fall family photos get complicated in this fashion, but fortunately I haven't run into too many problems with updating people and getting their session locations locked in.

Using only 1 or 2 lenses help me focus in on the family session

Instead of getting really technical with the shoot,  I focus on moving quickly and capturing the opportune moments! If I started to swap lenses, I would probably miss a lot of these moments, and that's not good. So I really stick with 1 or 2 lenses, moving back and forth. I'll go closer and then further to get the different angles. This is also really important for a consistent look to the gallery.  I love the flattering looks of a longer lens, so I try to only these. If I really need a much wider shot, that's when I'll switch to the second lens;)

Fall is one of my favorite time's to photograph families

I have blogged many times about other fantastic fall sessions because of how much I love the colors and outfits! If you like this session and the colors you see in it, I would highly suggest you check out another blog post for a gorgeous fall family session that I photographed in Hinsdale, IL. It is a really fun session that takes place during a 90 degree day.. in fall! I also photographed another great Chicago location called the Montrose Harbor, and photographed in the amazing fall colors that are all around that area, you can check out that fall family session here!

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