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Chicago Newborn photography

I am a Chicago newborn photographer that services the heart of Chicago and the surrounding towns. Newborn photography takes place within the first 5-12 days after birth. Because you can’t be sure of when you are going to give birth, I will provide a great level of flexibility.

It is best to schedule your newborn session as soon as you can. I also suggest that you do this within the first 24 hours of birth.

Make sure that you have designated someone to reach out about your little one’s arrival, as this may make your booking process much more simple. It will also get you a much earlier time frame, and keep from risking a later time frame than is recommended.

Newborn portraits | Chicago newborn photography

Newborn portraits are an amazing way to capture the innocence of a moment in time, in the life of your newborn. Scheduling your newborn session starts after the arrival of your newborn.  This will be in the first two weeks of their arrival. This is when your newborn is growing at such a tremendous rate. This also is when the newborn sleeps deeply and is comfortable in the poses.

Infant photography requires patience, time, and creativity to produce memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Newborn portraits are also a fantastic way to document the tremendous growth that your little one will go through. Complementing Newborn Photography are 3, 6, 9, or 12 month milestones sessions.

Newborn portrait photography | Chicago newborn portraits

Newborn Portraits are just like any other kind of portrait work. It also requires that a vast knowledge of baby calming and handling techniques are known and practiced. Because of the little one’s age, it is important to also be aware of safe health and wellness practices. This gives your little one the best photos without compromising their health.

Chicago maternity and newborn sessions | Newborn portrait sessions

Chicago is an amazing location to photograph in. You have gardens, arboretums, parks, lakes, beaches, and plenty of foliage throughout the year. I provide maternity portraits for most of my expecting mothers using these amazing locations. Following their maternity session, they will have only a short few months until their little one is born. Most of my mother’s will choose some form of collection or package that includes both types of sessions or more. Chicago is a wonderful city for conveniently getting both close locations to meet at, as well as amazing looks for your maternity session. Because of the close proximity to the city, meeting for the newborn session is also very easy and convenient!