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Abigail Joyce Lemenager

I am a leading Chicago newborn photographer that services both downtown Chicago, and the greater chicagoland area. My studio is located in Oak Park, centrally located for the surrounding areas, and close to the highways for minimal drive distance.

I also provide in-home newborn photography for mother's that are on bed rest by doctors orders, or who love the lifestyle approach that can be captured only in the unique settings of their home.

When does newborn photography take place?

Newborn photography takes place within the first 5-12 days after birth. Because you can't be sure of when you are going to give birth, I will provide a level of flexibility during weekdays.

During these first 5-12 days, it's most likely that you and your spouse will have both paternity and maternity leave. This allows both parents to be involved in the newborn session.

Parents hold their newborn baby during the newborn photography session.
A studio based newborn session using natural light
a family of four sitting on a couch with their newborn baby during their in-home newborn photography session
A lifestyled in-home newborn session

When should I schedule the session?

It is best to schedule your newborn session as soon as you can. While we reserve your due date as early as you'd like, the actual session is scheduled only after the baby has been born.

I recommend that you do this within the first 24 hours of birth to receive the highest priority in scheduling. In most cases, newborn sessions are scheduled on a first come first serve basis, but giving priority to those who have booked in advance.

Make sure that you have designated someone to reach out about your little one's arrival, as this may make your booking process much more simple. It will also get you a much earlier time frame, and keep from risking a later time frame than is recommended.

A newborn baby lays swaddled on a white blanket under soft white light

The Infant Session

In some cases, a newborn session can't be scheduled in time, and you may still be looking for newborn photography for your 14+ day old.

Enter the Infant Session.

Infant sessions typically take place after the 14th day, and up to the 28th day if the baby is still sleeping well. Infant sessions will use baby-lead poses, and allows for them to be both wake or asleep. It uses a minimum of wraps, and provides a more comfortable portrait session for this new age they are in. For more information on this very specific type of session, email me!

a baby lays posed in a bucket against hardwood planks during a newborn photography sessions

Maternity and newborn Photography Collections

Two images of a maternity session and a newborn photography session
Images from the Bump to Baby Collection

I provide 3 different collections, two of which include maternity sessions. The Bump to Baby collection provides a full maternity session and a complete newborn sessions which includes family photos and my entire collection of props and wraps. It includes a discount, and can be reviewed here: Collections.

a collection of photos that showcase maternity sessions to newborn photography to children portrait sessions
Images from the Whole Kit & Caboodle Collection

Additionally, I also have a collection that starts at the maternity portrait session, and captures the newborn session along with the 3, 6, 9, and 12 month milestones. Likewise, it can be found here: Collections.

Abigail is a Chicago baby photographer specializing in Newborn and Maternity photography.
Her work encompasses Baby, Children, and Families throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas.