A merry christmas baby session

Baby's first Christmas

I am so lucky to be able to watch these kiddos grow up. One day the kids that I have photographed over the years will be able to look back at these photos. They will be able to see how small they once were, how much excitement was in their face and eyes when they held onto those christmas lights, and see how much they were loved by their wonderful parents.

Its December. Its a Saturday night. I am editing like a mad woman and sending out all of my clients photos. While I edit these photos I see the happy faces of my clients and the joy they are expressing in the photos. I look forward to my own future when I will have my own kids some day and feel the same love and joy. Did I ever tell you, I want four of my own kids someday? I am 21 right now, but by the time I am 24 I am hoping to have my first child. I know I am rambling, but its late. I wanted to show you these beautiful family photos.

-Abigail Joyce



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