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Hey Friends, I'm back from my hike. Some of you reading this may not know, but this trip was my first experience with a couple of things: 1. It was my first plane ride! We flew to Spokane, Washington. I was nervous, but the flight was perfect. The only thing I experienced was feeling nauseous and lightheaded. Is that normal?

The other first experience I had was hiking/camping for 6 days. We hiked 30 miles in Hells Canyon, Idaho.  I remember having superficial fears before the trip (which were superficial in comparison to what I should have been fearful of) I was afraid of smelling or having greasy hair. I was afraid I was going to be cranky and take my emotions out on my fellow hikers.

I was afraid I would sleepwalk away at night (At home I sleepwalk about 2 times a week, but thats another story for another blog...:)...)

Little did I know that there were potential rattlesnakes, bears, and cougars roaming Hells Canyon. (They don't call it Hell for nothing..) Other than the life threatening animals that roamed the canyons, I should've also known to fear cactus..yes cactus. It was everywhere..and the needles stuck into my clothing and found there way into my skin like little splinters...I'm pretty sure I still have some on my back. :(

There was plenty to be worried about on this trip. The hike alone was hundreds of feet into the air with only little space to walk in between the wall of mountain and the cliff that led to your death if you would lose your balance.I just kept thinking to myself, "My parents would have a heart attack if they saw me do this!". And to be honest, this could still be possible since the whole trip was filmed and will be turned into a feature length documentary. Yes, even you may end up with a heart attack!  (Please don't though, that would be awful)

Another thing I was worried about was not being able to take good landscape photos. I am not by any means a landscape photographer. I did end up enjoying myself though. I am so happy to have brought my camera with me, even though I was worried I might break it or damage it in anyway.

I was a very scared, worried and at times fearful hiker on this trip. I had a lot on my mind but I made it through the whole trip without any major injuries (I ended up getting blisters on the back of my heels half way through the trip..ouch)

I am positive there is much more to say about my trip, but I will most likely tell you in person the next time I see you.

Also, I will definitely post a link of the feature film documentary when all is said and done.


(This one is of me: photo credit Mark LeMenager)

DSC_50772 DSC_54372

PS. Here are some family photos from a newborn session I had before I left for my trip. Beautiful family in every way.

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