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I got to photograph the most wonderful 7 day old!

Aren't newborn sessions so wonderful? The newborns (normally) sleep throughout the whole 2-3 hours I am at the clients home. The babies look so peaceful and dreamy. I could cuddle them all day! Maybe one day Ill have my own newborns to cuddle someday. Nevertheless, I love all newborns and wish I could work with them all! Chicago is pretty big I know! But wouldn't be amazing if I could photograph at least 1000 newborns a year? I think I would happy with that many .

This past week, I photographed a birth story. I was quite nervous about it. To be honest with you, I was more nervous about not getting to the hospital on time or not be able to get there altogether than the actual birth. I was worried that the mom would call me in the middle of the night and I would be sleeping peacefully and not hear my phone! Oh, my nerves really got to me these past couple of weeks. If you saw me, I was probably on edge! I didn't want to travel much around the suburbs so I stayed at home editing my most recent sessions... then I would take breaks and *try* knitting bonnets. So far I have been crocheting bonnets for newborns but now Im on to knitting.. Anyways, while I was knitting, I was also watching all of the Jane Austen movies. Yes, I probably should have read the books but this way I was able to knit and listen/watch the movie at the same time. When I was bored of that, well... school started as well this past week so I wrote a paper that was due Friday.. Ha. My clients baby was due this past Friday.. but had the baby girl on monday! And guess what?? She had her in the afternoon and the delivery was 1  1/2 hours long...incredible! We were lucky to have made it to the hospital at all! I am so glad to have been there and see this birth.. and all the while photograph it as well. It was an amazing experience and I hope to photograph more birth stories in the future <3


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This was such a fun weekend! I just absolutely loved it. As I tend to love all of my newborn sessions. This week, I am staying close to home. As close as I possibly can. A mother has asked me to photograph her birth story of her second baby and I am so excited! I am not sure what its going to be like or when it will happen. Its a weird feeling to not have control of when the birth story will start. Its also expected to have control but I wish I did. Or I at least wish I had an inkling of when its supposed to happen. I start my semester of school next week as well. So this is going to be one interesting week! I only have 1 class starting next week, the other 3 are starting in a month from now. I signed up for classes and then realized that had been the case. I am indifferent. I just really want to be done with school already. I am working on my bachelors in business and I would love to just be done. Its hard to juggle classes. school, part time jobs and *trying* to hang out with friends.

Anyways, I am thinking about purchasing a macro lens! I have a lens filter that works like a macro lens. I put this filter on my 50mm lens. It was only $18 and it works really well. But when I see other macro photos, I tend to start looking at how much a macro lens would cost. Macro shots are really important to me since I take detail photos of little newborns toes, hands, belly buttons, lips, and eye lashes. I love these detail photos! The parents will be able to look back on these photos of their once very tiny babies and remember just how small they once were...I picture them looking back at these photos when their kid is leaving for college. Oh, I love making memories...

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