Just a glimpse | Chicagoland Newborn Photographer

Just a glimpse | Chicagoland Newborn Photographer

Just a glimpse of how sweet my job is and how wonderful my day was today :) I met with a family that just had this new family member arrive. Hello to you, Chloe <3

Sweet, sweet girl...and a sweet warm summer already.

I have news...

My Fiance Ben and I have signed a lease for a townhouse in Lisle, IL. (!!!!!!!) We are super excited and can't wait to make this place our own. This will be happening on July 15. Were also getting a second car, getting married on August 16 and going to the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon! Goodness, my life is becoming busy.

But the moving out of my house is the biggest change so far...I have never moved anywhere before in my life. I have lived in the same home all my life. This summer is starting to have some bittersweet moments. Moving out of my childhood home is definitely one of those moments. Its going to be chaotic. Its going to be slightly insane...and I just might shed a tear ;)

Let me know if you have any advice for me for moving. Id love to hear your thoughts! Comment below or even let me know doing our next session!



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Chicagoland Newborn Photographer

Abigail Joyce Photography

In this upcoming year, I already foresee many changes in my life. I will be getting married, I will be turning 22, I will own a photography studio, and I will be starting my last year in college. And with all of those amazing new things happening in my life, there will be something also just as exciting, I will start traveling. This may seem not so exciting to some, but this means everything to me. I will be going to Italy with my soon to be husband for our honeymoon. And I will take my first plane ride to Spokane, Washington in April. I will be hiking with Ben (my fiance) and his brothers and  a couple more friends for a 6 day, 60 miles hike on the west coast. I cant contain my excitement! I have always wanted to travel and see the world. I have always loved the outdoors and adventures. I love to rock climb, going kayaking/canoeing, and hike in the most beautiful places. In April, I will be hiking around some mountains, and I hope everyone gets ready to view some epic photos from my trip.

2014 was an amazing year! I got engaged to my best friend, I became full time in photography, and I met some amazing people along the way. I have grown so much and learned so much about myself.

So, heres to the New Year, 2014 was an amazing year and I am hoping 2015 will be just as wonderful.

-Abigail Joyce

PS. Please enjoy these photos of some beautiful newborns. Say hello to Andy and Aubrey. Andy was 4 days old and Aubrey was 5 days old. Even though I love going outside and having adventures, I love to snuggle the newborns from my sessions.

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Have you seen anything more beautiful? I simply love maternity photography if you can't tell already! I have learned so much about pregnancies just from photographing so many maternity sessions!

Expecting mother holding belly for photoshoot

I honestly, can't wait to have my own kids. Well duh! I am baby photographer!

This session was photographed at the Garfield Park conservatory one morning in January I believe. No it wasn't beautiful outside, but the wonderful thing about maternity photography, is that if you find a good location (even indoors) you can make the most romantic gallery without trying!

How I go started as a Chicago Maternity Photographer

I started early on in my photography career as a general portraiture. I photographed events, children's parties, you name it! But eventually I started to get a sense for what moved me, what made me feel, and eventually I knew that I would come to a fork in the road.

Fortunately, this wasn't an issue! In fact, I'm so glad I made the decision to focus my work on maternity portraits. Yes, I'm a newborn photographer, and yes the majority of my work comes from newborn sessions, and YES I absolutely love and adore newborn sessions, but there is an amazing romance to maternity photography that is hard to get elsewhere (except maybe weddings, but let's not go there yet;).

Maternity sessions with children are something to behold!

Every once in a while, I'll get the chance to photograph a maternity session that includes another sibling, and these can be amazing:) I know I use that alot about sessions, but the newness and bewilderment that a newborn brings to a sibling is an amazing experience to capture!

A lot of times they are confused and not really sure of how to react, and other times they are super excited and want one of their own. Here's a sweet photo of an expecting mom with her daughter, it just made my day! This was photographed in her home, and it turned out wonderfully! No need to go out to a seperate location, we made due with the beautiful window light and it turned out to be the best choice:)



From the Chicago Family Photographer

I just adore this family. They are wonderful. This session was perfect. Of course, the weather was a tab bit hot ( This summer wasn't as bad as last year though!) We managed to get some great photos. These kinds of sessions get me excited for more and more sessions! I love photographing peoples expressions. The beautiful and wonderful expressions that make you, you!  I remember photographing this couples maternity session about a year ago. I had no idea that a year later I would still be photographing them! How blessed am I?!

Anyways, nothing really exciting is happening in my personal life. Just school, and my photography business. I guess thats exciting enough! What makes me happy is being able to use my props on sessions that I have been waiting to use and finally get a chance to. Like this little bed in the photos. I found it from Savers for $3 and I was so excited to use it! Also, the 2 vintage dresses Molly has on are mine. I found them for $2 each. I fell in love with all of these props. What a pretty location to utilize them with! Molly was a good sport trying on my dresses. Doesn't that Ivy on the side of that building look just absolutely amazing?? I wish I could live in that building. It over looks a beautiful lake. My clients wanted to meet there and I am so glad they did! What a neat area. I wonder what that Ivy will look like in the fall season?? Hmm....any takers for a fall family session at this location? Id love to revisit it!

Email me at abigailjoycephoto@gmail.com or call at 708 505 9081 to schedule a family session in the fall season :) And let me know if you want to meet me here!

- Abigail Joyce

Chicago Family Photographer