Year One |Chicago Baby Photographer

Year One | Chicago Baby Photographer

My heart can't take it, you guys. In the past several years in this business I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know some really wonderful families. This baby in particular is special because she is my first "second sibling" that I have photographed throughout her first year of life. Her older brother is now 2.5 years old, so it's been a really fun couple of years with just this family alone. Every milestone, from newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year sessions. She has blossomed before my very eyes into a sweet beautiful little one year old. In this last year I have only seen her total about 7 or so hours of this first year, but I have watched her grow behind my lens. My camera has captured her sweet soul. She will grow up with precious photos of her from newborn to baby and then toddler. She will have pictures of when she couldn't even sit up to now where she is starting to run! Like every little one I photograph, I love watching them grow up. For just that hour of our little session, I get to hold them and make them giggle. I sing to them, and make silly noises. I may even wipe the drool off of their faces before snapping that smiley adorable photo.

What I want to make clear, is that I love my job. I love the snuggly newborns, the chunky arm rolls, the sweet smiles, the burps, the drool, the "sad cries", the giggles, the blank stares...everything.

Everyday I witness a new miracle, and I get to visit that same miracle throughout the year.


Abigail Joyce

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Abigail Joyce & Team

Abigail Joyce is a family and motherhood photographer that provides maternity portraits, newborn sessions, family photography, and child sessions in Chicago and the surrounding cities. 

Her studios are in Oak Park and Hinsdale, IL. She provides light and airy, heirloom sessions to clients in their homes in downtown Chicago, and the western suburbs. Her team also provides these specialized sessions at her studios at affordable rates, and throughout the Chicagoland areas.

 Sessions take place at beautiful outdoor locations that are curated by the photography team, and proven to provide amazing results.