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My Job As A Chicago Newborn Photographer

Have I ever told you the ins and outs of my job? What it looks like? The behind the scenes? What does a day look like for a traveling Chicago newborn photographer..?

For starters, I always book two newborn sessions each weekday. Weekends I book several family/baby/maternity sessions. Needless to say, I don't take days off. (I love my work to the point where it doesn't even feel like a "job"). Don't believe me? Let me explain you what a day looks like in my shoes.

I start my day to a lighthearted tune from my iPhone alarming me to wake up at 8 am. Then I run downstairs to make a strongly brewed dark roast coffee. Nothing else will do this early in the day. Once the coffee is brewing I have 10-15 minutes to get ready, let the dog out, feed him, get the car started to warm up and then grab my coffee to head out the door.

Depending on where my client lives (10 minutes away to an hour away) I start my days journey to my clients home. Every prop, blanket, headband and hat is tucked away inside my suitcases (yes two suitcases- one blue suitcase for boy props and one purple suitcase for girl props) On top of those are flokati rugs, then my backdrops stands and my rolled up wooden backdrops that await little kiddos to sit and lay on :)

As I sip on my strongly brewed coffee, and listen to my gps for directions, I usually drive silently and prepare by going over the details of the next session in my head. "The clients have a baby girl, they want a 2 scene package with family photos. They have a dog as well that they want one photo with. They want purple and green incorporated in the photos..." and so on. Each new session is a new challenge for me. I love arriving to my clients home with props on top of props in my hand ready to take on the next newborn.

As I pull up to your home, I unload the car and bring everything to your doorstep. I quietly knock on the door, loud enough for you to hear but softly enough to not wake the baby. We greet one another and I say "Congratulations!!"

I bring everything inside for you to see, and we start going through all the variety of swaddle blankets and headbands. I have you choose everything before we get started and then I prepare each scene. Once the baby is sleepy and ready to be photographed, I am handed the newborn and I then start posing the newborn. The newborn sessions can take as little as 1 hour or as long as 3 hours. I am prepared either way :)

Yes, I have been pooped on, peed on, and spit up on. So have my blankets. I have lived to tell the tale AND I'm not bothered by it! After 4 1/2 years, I can tell you it doesn't surprise me one bit. To be honest, if none of these things happen during the session, I find it odd ;) My clothes and blankets get washed and then life moves on.

At some point of the session, I will look down at the little sleeping newborn and I will silently pray asking God to bless the newborn will a happy and healthy life. I always pray this for each newborn I meet with. I believe that God has given me so much work because I do this. I believe that prayer is powerful and I believe that God is good. I will continue this tradition with each newborn in the future. I remember the first time I prayed for a newborn at my session. As I prayed I saw the newborn smile, as newborns often do in their sleep. I believe this was a little sign from heaven. God was pleased.

Once we are done with the newborn session, I hand you back your precious little one and I start to pack up. Once I leave, I check how long it will take me to get to my next newborn session. I always have enough time to head over. Once I arrive to my next newborn session, the pattern repeats itself. Once I finish with my next newborn session I pack up and head home.

My day isn't over yet though.

Once I get home, I make yet another pot of coffee. This is when the editing/emailing starts. I hit the office room, I import those new sessions from the day. I check my emails and start emailing clients back. Then I start to edit. I usually can edit 1-2 newborn sessions each night.

Its now midnight or later at this point of my day. I feel satisfied with this amount of work. I head to bed. I pray thanking God for the wonderful day I had. I pray thanking God for blessing me with safe travels and the safety of the newborns during my sessions. I thank God for blessing me with the work I receive and the clients I meet. I then ask God for safe travels for tomorrow and safety for the newborns for the next day.

This is each day for me. And I wouldn't have it any of the way


Abigail Joyce

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Abigail Joyce is a newborn photographer that travels to clients homes in the Chicagoland area and beyond. Abigail brings her props, backdrops, hats, headbands, crates, baskets, blankets and more to your session. Abigail customizes the session to your unique specifications and provides the care and safety that each newborn needs during this beautiful first week of life. Abigail takes her time posing the newborns with gentle hands and patience. Make sure you contact Abigail at least a month before your due date to ensure a newborn session with Abigail Joyce Photography!

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Abigail Joyce specializes in newborn, baby and family photographs. Abigail Joyce is based in the Chicagoland area and the Midwest.

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Abigail Joyce is a family and motherhood photographer that provides maternity portraits, newborn sessions, family photography, and child sessions in Chicago and the surrounding cities. 

Her studios are in Oak Park and Hinsdale, IL. She provides light and airy, heirloom sessions to clients in their homes in downtown Chicago, and the western suburbs. Her team also provides these specialized sessions at her studios at affordable rates, and throughout the Chicagoland areas.

 Sessions take place at beautiful outdoor locations that are curated by the photography team, and proven to provide amazing results.