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This beautiful baby girl is named Catherine. She is 5 1/2 pounds and is 6 weeks old in these photos. She is a premie. Our session was so unique to me. I normally photograph newborns around 5-7 days, so they are just under one week and Catherine was 6 weeks old. But the very amazing thing about Catherine is that she was born at 31 weeks of her moms pregnancy. Catherine is very strong and very healthy though. She already has quite a story for her 6 weeks of life.

This is why I love newborn photography. Something that seems so impossible; trying to pose a 6 week old like a 5 day old was so easy. But only because she was born early. Pregnancy is a really special and unique experience. A mom can give birth at 31 weeks and another mom can give birth at 40 weeks and 2 days (Like my mother)

Anyways, I have been having the most amazing year so far. 2015 has already been so fulfilling.

I became an S-corporation this January, I am officially Abigail Joyce Photography, Inc. !!!


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