Just a Glimpse | Beautiful Summer Maternity Photos

The Summer maternity photoshoot that took my breath away...

So you have heard me say this after every sunset maternity photoshoot, but I have the best job ever!

Yes, I know you have heard me say that in person during either a session or you have read it somewhere in my blog. I really do have the best job. During this maternity session specifically I met the most wonderful couple. Now I KNOW I have said that before...but its always true! Maybe I am just blessed with the most wonderful clients. I consider myself very lucky. But this session in particular was a real treat. If you look past the way the couple is impeccably dressed or the fact that they are both glowing and it makes me want to cry to see how happy they look.

maternity photoshoot during sunset with purple dress

The secret in these maternity photos are:

If you look past that, you see a couple that is awaiting twins. (yes twins!) and if you are me, you still hear their sweet conversations with one another during the session. And if you are me you listen to them and hear their life story (I ask a lot of questions during maternity sessions, sorry! :)...) You realize that this maternity session is just a glimpse into their sweet lives. That because of these pictures you get to freeze time. I get to make time stand still. I create lasting memories for families to look back on and remember "aww remember when you were pregnant with the twins? When life was calm and we were just waiting for them to arrive??" At least this is what I'll be thinking after my own maternity photoshoot;)

Couple hold belly during maternity photoshoot

Maternity photography is a beautiful way to celebrate an amazing time in your life.

But it's special for me as well, I see your life in just a glimpse of what's really happening. I was in your life for such a small hour but it means more to me than you know. I study your warm smile and the way you and your husband look at one another. I see how much love their is between you both and it makes me happy. So thank you for just a glimpse, just that one hour of your life warmed my soul.


chicago maternity photographer captures beautiful couple in fieldMaternity photos during Sunset with tall grass

The maternity look:

I've been working with my maternity sessions to provide a very specific look. The romantic approach seems to be the best way to explain the style. It's combining the romance of the filmic look, the romance of sunsets and gold tones found in them, and the beauty in maternity photoshoots. You can check out another amazing maternity session that also captures this same look and another indoor maternity photoshoot that I also fell in love with!

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