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I have a hard time believing fall is already over. We're a week away from Christmas...its December 17 already! I finished my final tests from this past semester this morning. I walked outside to my car, my hands were frozen as I reached in my pocket for my keys. It was 27 degrees in Chicago this afternoon. To Chicagoans, this weather is considered normal. Today, as I was leaving school I breathed a big sigh of relief and I drove off. It took a couple of minutes for my car to warm up and as it did, I was also thawing out as well. This whole semester went by, these four months... and I am just realizing that it is over. Ok, so that is a major exaggeration. But doesn't this happen to the best of us? We are so busy with our daily lives that its hard to step back and focus on whats really happening. I had the most wonderful fall and winter season already. It was the busiest season by far for me. Not only in my business but in my personal life. In the midst of running my own business, I have been planning my own wedding and finishing up this semester in school. With all of these things going on in my life, its hard for me to believe that the semester is over. That the seasons are done changing this year and that my life is going to slow down over the winter season. For me, this time of year is a time to reflect. I have been looking back today at the past sessions I had this fall and I am forever joyful of the moments I have had and the memories I will hold dear. I have seem some really beautiful things behind my camera and its so fun to be able to look back....

Happy Holidays everyone <3 Abigail Joyce

Chicago Family Photographer

Abigail Joyce Photography

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Abigail Joyce is a family and motherhood photographer that provides maternity portraits, newborn sessions, family photography, and child sessions in Chicago and the surrounding cities. 

Her studios are in Oak Park and Hinsdale, IL. She provides light and airy, heirloom sessions to clients in their homes in downtown Chicago, and the western suburbs. Her team also provides these specialized sessions at her studios at affordable rates, and throughout the Chicagoland areas.

 Sessions take place at beautiful outdoor locations that are curated by the photography team, and proven to provide amazing results.