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So, I photographed this family 10 months ago when the little Miss Emma was just 7 days old. I really wish this wasn't so surprising to me. She has grown so much! She waves to people, she has the biggest smile...and the prettiest blue eyes. She also says "Hi" softly. Gosh, I just love it. I love seeing my little clients grow up. As you can see, I have been photographing a LOT of family sessions. I enjoy them all.  And the fall colors are just amazing. The closer we get into the fall season and the more the trees change, the more anxious I get. I know its slowly just beginning but I know in just a few short weeks, all of the leaves will be gone. I am so busy this next month in October. Each weekend is booked. I can't fill another session in if I wanted to. God has really heard each and everyone one of my prayers! I am beyond blessed and so happy for these opportunities.

Outside of photography...

My life is hectic, chaotic, crazy, messy. I am applying for a transfer for my last year of school (next year! Eek!) I am also getting married next August! GASP, the big reveal. Well it shouldn't be that big of a surprise. Once people get engaged, marriage follows. So, yes we are planning for August 2015. Thats a LOT of planning. TOO much in fact. It feels like all of these big decisions have been all thrown at me all at once. I guess the days of childhood are over, I feel like such an adult! Planning a wedding, a honeymoon, my last year of college...and possibly renting a photography studio next year. Its all too much I tell you :)

PS to anyone that wants to get me an early birthday gift (April 26, ok thats really early!) I would LOVE a spa day!!!!

-Abigail Joyce

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Abigail Joyce & Team

Abigail Joyce is a family and motherhood photographer that provides maternity portraits, newborn sessions, family photography, and child sessions in Chicago and the surrounding cities. 

Her studios are in Oak Park and Hinsdale, IL. She provides light and airy, heirloom sessions to clients in their homes in downtown Chicago, and the western suburbs. Her team also provides these specialized sessions at her studios at affordable rates, and throughout the Chicagoland areas.

 Sessions take place at beautiful outdoor locations that are curated by the photography team, and proven to provide amazing results.