Fall Family Photographer | Chicago Family Photographer

Now that I have a little bit more time to blog, I thought I would go back into my archives of this past fall season and show off how absolutely gorgeous this family session was. The family itself was beautiful. The colors really pop in the photos but aren't overwhelming. I love using this location because everything becomes so golden and warm. The area is beautiful in person and just takes my breath away.

Well, I hope you are all enjoying your winter season now. Its much chillier outside than normal in the Chicagoland area! Can you believe it? I think right now its 14 outside. Yesterday night it was -6, yikes!

Anyways, while I am editing I have been watching "The Crown" which is a Netflix Original series about Queen Elizabeth and her journey becoming Queen all the while trying to balance life as a wife and mother. It was very interesting and it was an eye opener for some things that had happened throughout history in England that I had not known before. So while I was watching the show, I was googling to make sure the information was truthful. It was! And it was an interesting show to watch, I highly recommend.

Are there any shows on Netflix or xfinity that you recommend for me to watch next?


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