This is why I'm a Spring Family Photographer

Because Spring is totally amazing!

Can you believe this session? I can't believe it's already spring in Chicago. Please please please let this prettiness stay...I heard it *might* snow sometime this week?? Gosh, I hope that was just a cruel April Fool's joke. I've decided I'm in love with being a spring family photographer!!

So, please, let it stay spring in Chicago. I wish I could photograph all of my clients here, but I am not sure the flowers last long at this spot. Don't you think the blue is just the most beautiful backdrop? Especially with those lovely yellow buds on the trees. Don't you want your family photos done here?

Family photography in Chicago brings surprises!

Every year, the colors and the scenery will change. Every year I don't know what to expect, and hope for the best. In this case, I was amazed at how beautiful and saturated the spring colors of this session were! This amazing family used me as their spring family photographer, which I'm sure they were happy with the amazing results:)

I knew coming in that I would be able to get some spring colors, and I remembered that the flowers were blooming these weeks, but every so often the weather and plants just like to play cruel jokes. This time, I arrived to find the most beautiful colors just popping out after the long winter melt.

Where did I photograph this spring family session?

I didn't want to give it away, but of course it's not a private location so here it is! I actually shot this at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. This family met me near the gates where I led them to this patch of color that I knew was amazing, and even though it's not that big of an area, and only lasts for about 2 weeks through the spring bloom, we made it work. It had such amazing results too. It's just super hard to catch it before the bloom disappears!

Check out this amazing family's spring photoshoot! I think they did an amazing job coordinating their colors, and with the flowers. Or maybe that was just a coincidence;)

I'd love to be your Spring family photographer!

As a spring Family Photographer, I find beautiful locations with great color and character. This provides the beautiful backdrop that your family deserves. Family Photography is a great way to celebrate the growth and changes in your family over the past year, and spring is one of the best seasons to represent that newness and change!

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