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Julianna's 1 year baby session

This family <3 Love seeing my returning clients any chance I get. I feel like we have this wonderful bond when I meet with a family more than once. As if...they loved my work so much that they wanted to see me again. Its just a good feeling for me.

Whats not that great of a feeling....I started school this week. Ugh! It feels as if school will NEVER end. Honestly, I work and work and work and then...I start another semester.All new classes, new teachers, new faces. This used to be so exciting. I wish I still felt that way. The only thing that made starting school a little bit more worth my time this week was the little fact that pumpkin spice lattes came back this tuesday at Starbucks. Could I be anymore cliche? Im so #whitegirlstatus and for those who are reading this and are confused... well lets just say its a very common drink for caucasian  girls to love. Just like all girls love the fall season and wearing Ugg boots. (Which I shamefully do as well) I don't regret any of these choices. Another thing that might not be as common as PSL and loving fall... Just this past week I started teaching myself how to knit. I have been crocheting for at least a year by now. I wanted to learn a different technique to make newborn bonnets, so I watched a simple youtube video on how to cast on and it was so easy! This is the link if anyone dares to try it themselves :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWJQvsZ6kT0

Im not an expert at knitting, in fact...Ill have to watch another youtube video on how to cast off! At least, thats what I think the term is to finish up whatever I am knitting! Who knows, it might not even end up looking like a bonnet. I should post a photo of what it ends up looking like when Im finished and we can all have a good laugh.

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