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Hello from the Chicago Baby Photographer

In this post I'll highlight a few details on a cake smash, what to expect, and when they take place.

Child smashing cake studio photo session
Child girl in floral dress cake smash photo session
Cupcake cake smash studio photo shoot

How sweet is this cake smash! How I love a good cake smash and taking photos of babies!

Child with balloons and cake studio photo session

Honestly, when was the last time you saw someone enjoy cake for one of the "first times" in their lives??  I love all the squeals, giggles and crumbs of cake everywhere. The strangest has been back of heads, and I don't even know how that happens. Life is an amazing thing and witnessing little kids getting so much out of cake is adorable.

Dad eating cake from twin cake smash

What I've noticed from being a photographer... Don't expect every child to react the same way to these four things:

  1. Christmas Lights - Some children will bang them on the ground and giggle like no other; other children will cry.
  2. Cake- Some children will smash that cake like it was their job; others may take one little bite and crawl away. No cake will be smashed.
  3. Bath tubs- Some children LOVE water and all things bubbles; others will scream in horror.
  4. Hats - Children don't love hats but if you distract them enough and time it properly, they will forget anything was placed on their heads!
Twin baby girls smashing a birthday cake on a white floor
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