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How sweet is this cake smash! How I love a good cake smash and taking photos of babies! Angelica turned one this December. Multicolored themes are so fun! Bring on the brightly colored tutus and ribbons galore. The best thing about cake smashes is watching these little kiddos go crazy over how tasty it is.

Honestly, when was the last time you saw someone enjoy cake for one of the first times in their lives??  I love all the squeals, giggles and crumbs of cake everywhere. Angelica even had little crumbs on the back of her head and I don't even know how that happened. Life is an amazing thing and witnessing little kids get so much out of cake is incredible.

What I've noticed from being a photographer... Don't expect every child to react the same way to these four things:

1. Christmas Lights - Some children will bang them on the ground and giggle like no other while other children will cry.

2. Cake- Some children will smash that cake like it was their job while others may take one little bite and crawl away. No cake will be smashed.

3. Bath tubs- Some children LOVE water and all things bubbles while others will scream in horror.

4. Hats - Children don't love hats but if you distract them enough and time it properly, they will forget anything was placed on their heads!!!

Beware to anyone reading this whether you are a fellow photographer friend or a client of mine... its fun to see how they will respond to all of these but every child is different! :)

xoxo -Abigail Joyce

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