Valentine Mini Sessions Giveaway Winner 2018

Valentine Mini Session Giveaway Winner 2018

Hey you guys! Thanks so much to all that entered to win the Valentine mini sessions giveaway this year! We are so excited to announce the winner. This year we ran a random generator to decide who would win this Valentine mini session. The generator picked one lucky client out of 92 clients that entered. We are so excited for the turn out of all our participators and thank you to all that entered. We took all the names from Facebook and from our Instagram account that entered and put them all down on the list and gave each client a number, we then ran the random generator which gave us the number #31. Number 31 on our list was Alison Lang! Congratulations to Alison Lang!! I can’t wait to see your sweet little boy on February 3. And I hope to see everyone else that can make it on February 3 as well! I had a bunch of clients sign up, so time slots are limited. We are also running a $40 off discount for those that want to book before January 25, which is this Thursday.


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Random number generator for valentine mini session giveaway 2018