Maternity Gowns

Array of maternity gowns with different styles and colors.

Maternity Gowns

Included in every maternity session are more than 20 unique maternity gowns.

Woman in soft white maternity gowns that falls off the shoulders. Surrounded by greenery.
Woman in lacy white maternity gown during a studio maternity session.
Woman in mauve maternity gowns with lacy full arms. Greenery in background.
Woman in solid white maternity gowns with full sleeves. Green grass and pond in background.
Model in floral maternity gowns off the shoulder. Standing against greenery in Chicago.
Maternity model in ivory maternity gowns that fall off the shoulder. Standing against solid white wall, smiling.
Maternity model in light blue maternity gowns that fall off the shoulder.
Maternity model in light blue maternity gowns with full sleeves. Looking into distance, standing in front of a pond.
Maternity session with black lacy maternity gowns. Standing against greenery.

Providing Maternity Gowns

I provide a handful of Maternity Gowns to clients who prefer to use my curated collection of gowns, over purchasing new ones. Besides the overall cost reduction this provides, it also allows you to have confidence in the dress, since you can both try it on and know that I have selected it as a complimentary maternity gown to my session style.

Many of the dresses I have gathered come from Etsy, PinkBlush, and other manufacturers around the world. I do add several dresses a year to my collection, and update this selection of dresses on a regular basis.

Maternity Gown Style

As maternity photography continues to grow in popularity, and photographic styles change, many of the outfits used will also change. However, the majority of the gowns that I provide are a timeless style, simple, elegant, and will provide a relevant style throughout the years.

The most important factor when deciding the style of maternity gowns you'll be using is to make sure you feel beautiful in it! Choose a style that you love, make sure you feel comfortable in the gown, and let me capture those wonderful and precious moments before your little one arrives!