Training Days | Chicago Maternity Photographer

Training Days | Abigail Joyce Photography

Hey friends, just a couple more days and I will be heading to Spokane, Washington for my hike. I can’t express the excitement I have! I will be with friends and (future) family – Ben my Fiance and his brothers, Mark and Joe along with Allie, and Markus and possibly some more friends :). Ben and I have been training for the past couple of weeks and its been quite intense. Every night I am climbing stairs for 40ish minutes with 20-25 lbs on my back. I hope I am prepared enough for this hike! There will be days on this adventure that I will be hiking for 13 miles per day! It will also be raining most of the time (better than snowing I guess). 1 week from today, I will be on my first plane ride! Thats another concern on my mind!! Any advice for a first timer?? This is quite the trip for 2015, my first hike and first plane ride!!

-Your (hiking) Photographer (Abigail Joyce)


PS. Isn’t this maternity session just gorgeous?? Aimee you are beautiful and your family is nothing short of wonderful. There daughter is named Victoria, (which is my sisters name) and what a crazy coincidence that I met up with my sister right after this session?? My sister lives downtown and I picked her up so we could go grab my wedding gown which was ready that day!! abigail joyce photography | chicago maternity photographer (DSC_9849)