Sweet Baby {k}

Hey friends,
I am so excited to share these photos with you!
Sweet Baby {k} is being featured on the blog today…
What an adorable little face, don’t cha think? This session was fun, it was also my first 
{3} month old session. 

Those blue eyes *sigh*
 Notes to my fellow Photogs out there:

{1} *Always* remember to ask what the baby is capable of before your session.
 Find out what the baby is already doing {Sitting, Crawling, Standing, etc!! Very important}
{2} Not all babies will stay happy for you. Be sure to get a feel for what positions are not making  the baby happy during your sessions. 
{3} Keep the environment calm and relaxed. 
{May want to consider playing Thad Fiscella music 
from Pandora during your session. 
Beautiful melodies and lullabies! }  

I couldn’t get over how cute this hairband looked on her, the hairband is from 
Claire’s for $10. I love the swirly flowers on it. 

I also found this darling skirt for $16 from 
The Children’s Place. It has matching swirly flowers in purple. 

Candid photo of Mom relaxing baby.
I couldn’t help myself, just so adorable.
Well, thats it for now. I will be posting photos every other day.
So stay tuned this week for more work from Abigail Joyce Photography.

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Thanks and have a good rest of your week 🙂