my fresh new start

Hey Everyone and welcome to my website! Its my pleasure to *finally* welcome you. I had dreamed of this day for a while now. Little by little I see my photography journey grow and expand. I meet new clients and take photos of returning clients. My tiniest of clients to my big families, I welcome you all and hope you enjoy watching my photos on my blog as I capture the growth in your life! Whether that be a 5 day old or a couple enjoying their wedding day, I would love to capture it all.

Outside of my photography world, this week I finally got on top of studying and making sure my assignments were on time. School this year seems to be getting the best of me, but not this week! Right now, I am taking all business/marketing classes. I enjoy the classes, though 3 of the 4 are online classes and they are kicking my butt! Perhaps next semester will be all in class ; )

My Website is a fresh new start for me. Who knew it would take so much energy putting together a website? Not this girl! Just like my photos, my website will eventually be where I want it to.

Much love,

Abigail Joyce