Matt | 6 months

 the action of removing someone’s doubts or fears.

Every time I start writing a blog post, I start with how my business started and how much progress I have made in the last two years. I begin my posts like this without fail as if I need to reassure myself that I am making progress. To my other photog friends, isn’t that half the battle? We work hard to please ourselves, our family and clients. I tend to put my oldest session and my most recent session side by side  and try to look for differences. Thats a very easy way to look for progress…Obviously there are going to be big differences…A different location, a different family, different outfits, different time of the day… But what other people may not realize, is that I am going to look at both sessions and think about the clients laughter during the session, the way they lovingly look at each other and then I will remember that I photograph people for a reason. Its because I love what I do and that… is reassurance enough.

-Abigail Joyce


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