Jack and his many face expressions

So many “firsts” for me during this session.
First of all, I had never done an indoor family session before. I am so happy with how it turned out!
And I honestly can’t wait to try it again soon.
Another first, a happy 3 month old! 
I have tried in the past with 3 month olds before, I knew what to do this time! 
Flat surfaces work. Simplistic comes to mind with 3 month olds, don’t use any boxes or bean bags with three month olds. I used a shaggy rug (another first) on a solid surface and Jack did great! I just stood over him. I used my camera creature to go around my lens so he had a face to look at while mine was behind the camera : ) 
Jack is a beautiful boy, and I love every face expression he gave me! I think my favorite is the confused look on his face in black&white.
As you can tell, there are more black and whites in this session than I normally do. 
I was contemplating on using B&W or color. To be honest, they both look great! I think the black and white lets you focus more on the expressions on Jack’s face which is what I want you to see. 

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