Heart Candles

Hey Friends
I decided to put up a picture Ben (my boyfriend) and I created.
Believe it or not, this was really fun and kind of easy to do.

Ben and I found a strand of Christmas lights and placed them on the ground in a line.
They took up a whole rooms length. We got a chair and had to prop some up a bit more.
I grabbed a candle as well and we focused on it. The twinkly lights were out of focus.
But as you can see, they aren’t the original circular shape. 
Ben and I cut out a circle from a black piece of paper and in the center cut out a heart.
We taped it to the front of the lens and the bokeh in the photo is now in the shape of the heart.
I got down on the ground in front of the candle and lined up the lights to make it look like they were coming out of the candle. 
I think it turned out pretty well and Ben and I enjoyed putting this together!
I hope you like it too. : )