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Chicago Maternity Photographer

Have you seen anything more beautiful? I simply love maternity sessions. I have learned so much about pregnancies just from photographing so many maternity sessions.

I honestly, cant wait to have my own kids. Well duh! I am a maternity, newborn and baby photographer! haha. If I didn’t like children, I wouldn’t be in this line of work 🙂 But I absolutely adore children. I love having conversations with kids and listening to them talk. They are so enthusiastic about everything they talk about! I also really love watching 1 year olds try to walk. Or more like waddle, hehe. Its fantastic. This couple is in for a treat! They are having a baby girl and I believe she will be stunning. The other part that I love about being a child photographer is being able to watch these babies grow. I wish I could see them more often! I love being friends with my clients on Facebook. I get to see what my clients post about their little ones and I remember one of my clients posted a video of their kiddo saying “mom,mom,mom” over and over again and I wanted to cry. I was like “I remember holding you in my arms during your newborn session!” And although you probably don’t think I get attached to my little clients, oh you better guess again! I love each one <3 There isn’t anything more beautiful than a newborn. This new life is so important! God designed each and every one of us before the world even began. And I know Im going on a little rant here but I just cant even express to you how wonderful it is to see God’s work unravel and blossom. And even something so small as a maternity session, allows me to see God’s work and its truly a blessing.

-Abigail Joyce

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