Becca and Danny Married September 20

Wow, congratulations to Danny and Becca! So happy for you two. 
Flowers looked amazing, (Talented florist: let me know if you want info of the flowers)
I couldn’t share ALL of the photos from the night even though I love them all, here are some of my very favorites from the day. I hope you enjoy them! 
-Abigail Joyce
{click photos to enlarge}

These pictures below are not taken by me but my other half of the photographer team Ben Lemenager. 
(My awesome boyfriend, can I just say I love that we can work as a team? I get to have this awesome job and work with my best friend as well?! God provides.) So even though they are water marked with my name, they are Ben’s. 

If you have any questions about weddings prices, please feel free to email me
or call 708 505 9081
Take care and have a great Saturday night!