Beautiful Baby Girl

I loved this session! I bought a new blanket and I just love it. 
I actually bought a whole new set of props and I am enjoying using them. I love finding good deals.
Antique stores, thrift stores, garage sales,  etsy, anywhere!
What I really love is how everything comes together. The joy I get when I have a newborn session and everything goes really well and my ideas work. When the baby is sleepy and the lighting is amazing and everything is peaceful and in that moment, I feel like an accomplished photographer. I feel like I belong in the newborn photography world. There is so much excitement in this job and to some people it may not make sense, but its hard work and it pays off when the images come together. When you can make a baby look peaceful in a basket, you have arrived… : )

I would love to photograph your newborn! 
I love everything about newborn photography and I love getting to hold the babies : )
If you are interested, please call or email!
708 505 9081
I hope we talk soon