My Story

Abigail Joyce Photography

My name is Abigail Joyce LeMenager, but people call me Abbey.

I met my husband at Starbucks.

I am 24. I got married to my best friend on August 16, 2015.

I am a photographer that specializes in maternity, newborn, baby and family sessions.

I love to snuggle newborns. I love listening to babies giggle and love to hear babies babble.

My favorite show is The Office but a close second is Gilmore Girls.

My favorite season is fall but a close second is summer. I absolutely love rainy days and being able to open all the windows at home and listen to the rain.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

I have recently taken up knitting (which makes me feel like I’m 80)

Email me at for details on pricing and packaging for newborn or baby sessions.