About me

Hey blogging friends, 
I thought, hey why not put up a picture of me so everyone knows who 
is the face behind the blog…
So here I am.
I am so thankful for everyone that follows me on blogger and supports my photography.
So this is me, I am blonde, with blue eyes.
 I never had braces, this is my natural smile. 
The guy in the photo is my handsome boyfriend (Ben) . We’ve been dating for 1 1/2 years. I love him dearly. I am a sophomore in college right now. I am working towards a marketing degree.
I go to church most sundays and I have a part time job working as a hostess. I have amazingly supportive family and friends. My photography has really taken off in the past year and I give all of the credit to Ben. He really pushed and encouraged me to work and practice at it. 
I am sure there is much more I could say but this is not a diary, this is just a little about me. 
Have a great day everyone!