1 year old {s}

My first little spring session outside this season. 
I love the outdoors! I can’t wait for the flowers to start blooming.
We used flowers of our own to brighten up the photos. Glad we did!
We cut two bouquets of flowers and placed them in little mason jars.
I then attached a little lace to the top of the mason jars.
I bought the wooden box from Marshalls for $12.99 and the headband from Claire’s for $7.99.
My chair, I love my chair! It was from an Antique Store for $50. Its so heavy though, so lugging that around and the flowers and my suitcase full of other mason jars, headbands, tutus, etc… it gets pretty heavy all of a sudden. If you are like me and love props, just be mindful of how heavy everything gets.